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1 Patience Agbabi reading and conversation

In this podcast the dynamic poet Patience Agbabi is in conversation about her Ted Hughes short-...

Patience Agbabi, Elleke Boehmer, Marion Turner
2 Post-Colonial Criticism (lecture)

Part of the OpenYale course 'Introduction to Theory of Literature'. Available as audio, video...

Paul Fry
# Title Description Contributor
1 Postcolonial Women Writers

Professor Elleke Boehmer notes the distinct lack of women writers on the Post/Colonial Writing...

Elleke Boehmer, Dominic Davies
2 Joseph Conrad and Postcoloniality - Part 2: Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim

Professor Peter McDonald talks to Great Writers Inspire about the Post/Colonial aspects of...

Peter McDonald
3 Why should we study Postcolonial Literature?

Professor Elleke Boehmer of Wolfson College, Oxford, discusses her current research and proposes...

Elleke Boehmer, Sarah Wilkin
4 Joseph Conrad and Postcoloniality - Part 1: Conrad and Chinua Achebe

Professor Peter McDonald talks to Great Writers Inspire about the Post/Colonial aspects of...

Peter McDonald
5 Olive Schreiner

Dominic Davies talks about Olive Schreiner, the postcolonial South African author, and how her...

Dominic Davies
6 DH Lawrence: A Postcolonial Writer?

Professor Peter McDonald draws on the work of Indian novelist and literary critic, Amit...

Peter McDonald
7 Aime Cesaire and Derek Walcott

Jason Allen offers a comparative discussion of two important Caribbean poets and playwrights,...

Jason Allen, Dominic Davies
8 Shackled by Language: The Representation and Self-Representation of English-Speaking Black Voices in Black Atlantic Writing

Cecilia Bennett considers the use of the English language in black Atlantic narratives.

Cecilia Bennett
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1 Olive Schreiner

Daughter of a German missionary father and British mother, Olive Schreiner (1855-1920) was born...

Dominic Davies
2 Derek Walcott
Dominic Davies
3 Contemporary Writers - Introduction

The parameters of both 'Contemporary' and 'Postcolonial', the adjectives that preface the...

Dominic Davies
4 Colonial Writers - Introduction

The title of the 'Post/Colonial' section of the Great Writers Inspire website is intended to...

Dominic Davies
# Resource Title Description Contributor
1 Sam Selvon, The Lonely Londoners (course)

This free course concentrates on Sam Selvon's twentieth-century novel, The Lonely Londoners...

Open University