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‘Libraries are the wardrobes of literature, whence men, properly informed may bring forth something for ornament, much for curiosity, and more for use’ - William Dyer

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Format Title Author/Contributor Source
Audio The Tamer Tam'd: John Fletcher Emma Smith
Audio Tis Pity She's a Whore: John Ford Emma Smith
Audio The Witch Of Edmonton Emma Smith
Audio A Chaste Maid in Cheapside: Thomas Middleton Emma Smith
Audio The Alchemist: Ben Jonson Emma Smith
Audio Dr Faustus: Christopher Marlowe Emma Smith
Audio Timon of Athens Emma Smith
Audio Love's Labour's Lost Emma Smith
Audio Julius Caesar Emma Smith
Audio Romeo and Juliet Emma Smith
Audio Coriolanus Emma Smith
Audio 5. Wilde's Plays Sos Eltis
Audio 4. Wilde and Sexuality Sos Eltis
Other Edward Lear's Lines of Flight Matthew Bevis
Other Paintings, Parrots and Poetry: The Life of Edward Lear Matthew Bevis
Video Edward Lear's Vision Matthew Bevis
Video Edward Lear's Feelings: Weeping Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
Video Edward Lear's Feelings: Laughter Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
Video Edward Lear's Feelings: Disgust Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
Video Edward Lear's Feelings: Wonder Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
Video Edward Lear's Feelings: Introduction Matthew Bevis, Jasmine Jagger
Essay An Introduction to Teaching Wilfred Owen Lucy Freeland
Other Teaching materials by Lucy Freeland Lucy Freeland
Image Portraits of Wilfred Owen Félicia Laude
Image Kouni gnani yli yégé Nadia Ogou
Image Le masque forestier Mathilde Blondeel
Essay Wilfred Owen: Resonances Brigitte Friant-Kessler
Handout/Transcript Teaching plan
Essay Owen's influence on Carol Ann Duffy Marcy Tanter
Essay "The Poetry is in the Pity": Wilfred Owen and the Memory of the First World War Vincent Trott
Essay 4-11 November 1918: Wilfred Owen and armistice Day in Memory and History Alex Nordlund
Essay Wilfred Owen: The '60s Poet Harry Ricketts
Essay Dulce et Decorum Est: Wilfred Owen’s Latin Elizabeth Vandiver
Essay Wilfred Owen and the Culture of Commemoration Eva Zettelmann
Essay At the Water’s Edge: Wilfred Owen and Water Gerald Dawe
Essay Postcard from the Front Lines of Teaching "Dulce et Decorum Est" Eleanor Mary Boudreau
Essay SHEER: Setting Wilfred Owen to Music Tim Watts
Essay "Smile, Smile, Smile": Wilfred Owen and the Politicians Douglas Kerr
Essay Wilfred Owen and the Modern Elegy Emma Suret
Essay Reliving Wilfred Owen's 'Exposure' in Louis Simpson's World War II Poem 'The Battle' Michael Sarnowski
eBook The Scarlet Pimpernel / by Baroness Orczy Orczy, Baroness Emmuska, 1865-1947
eBook The poetical calendar: Containing a collection of scarce and valuable pieces of poetry: ... by the most eminent hands. Intended as a supplement to Mr....
eBook The modish wife, a comedy: performed with uninfluenced applause at the Theatre-Royal, Haymarket. To which is prefixed a summary view of the stage, as... Gentleman, Francis, 1728-1784.
eBook Reflections on the Revolution in France: and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event. In a letter intended to have be... Burke, Edmund, 1729-1797.
eBook Priestcraft distinguish'd from Christianity. Shewing, I. That wicked priests are the real Antichrists mention'd in Scripture. Dennis, John, 1657-1734.
eBook Essays and treatises: on several subjects. By David Hume, Esq; In four volumes. ... [pt.3] Hume, David, 1711-1776.
eBook A sentimental journey through France and Italy Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768
eBook Poems by J. Donaldson, author of The elements of beauty Donaldson, J. (John), 1737-1801.
eBook The lives of the poets of Great Britain and Ireland: to the time of Dean Swift. Compiled from ample materials scattered in a variety of books, ... by... Shiells, Robert, d. 1753.
eBook An essay on the suretiship of Christ. In two parts. Part I. The doctrine stated. Part II. Objections answered. By Samuel Richardson Richardson, Samuel, d. 1805.