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war poetry

# Title Description Contributor
1 What is a War Poem?

In this Open Day taster lecture, Kate McLoughlin explores how we might define a war poem,...

Kate McLoughlin
# Title Description Contributor
1 Edmund Blunden

Margi Blunden, daughter of Edmund Blunden, talks about her father and his work.

Margi Blunden
2 Impact of the 1914 – 1918 Poets

Adrian Barlow looks at the impact of World War One poets in the years immediately following the...

Adrian Barlow
3 'Earth Voices Whispering’: Reading Ireland’s Poetry of WWI: An Introduction

Professor Gerald Dawe relates the Irish poetry of World War One to the history of Ireland itself...

Gerald Dawe
4 David Jones

Often overlooked, Dr Stuart Lee introduces David Jones and his seminal work 'In Parenthesis'....

Stuart Lee
5 Isaac Rosenberg: ‘Fierce Imaginings’ – the Private and the Poet

Author and editor, Jean Liddiard, presents the life and work of Isaac Rosenberg.

Jean Liddiard
6 Ivor Gurney: A Poet born out of War

Dr Philip Lancaster presents the life of literary musician Ivor Guney, and introduces some the...

Philip Lancaster
7 Manuscripts

In this short talk Dr Stuart Lee introduces some of the primary sources of World War One poetry...

Stuart Lee
8 Edward Thomas: Edwardian War Poet

Dr Guy Cuthbertson takes an in-depth look at the poet Edward Thomas.

Guy Cuthbertson
9 Popular Poetry

Dr Stuart Lee discusses the popular poetry of the War years and the formation of the canon in...

Stuart Lee
10 ‘On your lips my life is hung’: Robert Graves and War

Dr Charles Mundye takes a look at how Robert Graves' experiences and feelings about War that...

Charles Mundye
11 Poetry vs. History

What place do the poets and their work have in the historical analysis of the War? Dr Stuart Lee...

Stuart Lee
12 Georgians and Others

Dr Stuart Lee gives a short introduction to the poetry movements that led up to the War.

Stuart Lee
13 The Early Poets

Dr Alisa Miller looks at the popular poets in the early years of the War and the way that the...

Alisa Miller
14 Poetry of the Empire

World War One was a conflict of empire, not of nation. In this lecture Dr Simon Featherstone...

Simon Featherstone
15 Siegfried Sassoon

Meg Crane looks at the war poems of Siegfried Sassoon, framed by the first and last (non-war)...

Meg Crane
16 Wilfred Owen

Professor Jon Stallworthy, editor and biographer of Wilfred Owen, introduces one of the most...

Jon Stallworthy
17 Women Poets

Dr Jane Potter looks at a range of women poets who wrote during, and in the years that followed...

Jane Potter
18 War Poetry

Dr Mark Rawlinson explores the relationship between War and War Poetry using Owen's famous '...

Mark Rawlinson