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children's literature

# Title Description Contributor
1 Re-Enchanted: The Rise of Children’s Fantasy Literature in the Twentieth Century

Maria Sachiko Cecire introduces the idea of an Oxford School of children’s fantasy literature,...

Maria Sachiko Cecire
2 Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

Robert Douglas-Fairhurst explores how every generation has created its own Wonderland, and why...

Robert Douglas-Fairhurst
3 Middle Earth and Tolkien's Digital Afterlives

Stuart Lee traces how Tolkien's Middle-earth and especially 'The Lord of the Rings' have been...

Stuart Lee
4 Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials'

Margaret Kean explores how Philip Pullman plays with the idea of communication across different...

Margaret Kean
# Title Description Contributor
1 Interview: Catherine Butler

An interview with Dr Catherine Butler (Cardiff University) by Will Brockbank (Oxford). Dr Butler...

Catherine Butler, Will Brockbank
2 Wolves and Winter: Old Norse Myths and Children's Literature

Dr Carolyne Larrington, Supernumerary Fellow and Tutor in English, St John's College, gives...

Carolyne Larrington