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‘Libraries are the wardrobes of literature, whence men, properly informed may bring forth something for ornament, much for curiosity, and more for use’ - William Dyer

Welcome to the Great Writers Inspire Resources Library. Here, you can search for and access thousands of literary open education resources such as audio and video podcasts, essays, ebooks, images and more. Explore the virtual shelves by searching by keyword in the title, author, and by media type.

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Format Title Author/Contributor Source
eBook The Story of an African Farm Olive Schreiner
Video Ruffus The Dog - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1998)
Other The uncensored Jane Austen Janet Todd
Image Wilfred Owen plate from Poems (1920)
Other Language menu Fleur Corfield
Other Writing about poetry Fleur Corfield
Other Wilfred Owen: The Man and His Poems Fleur Corfield
Image William Blake - Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims
Image Sutton Hoo helmet Ian Harvey
Audio Shakespeare and Medieval Romance Helen Cooper
Image Anne Brontë
Essay Anne Brontë: the third sister Erin NyborgErin Nyborg
Image Shakespeare's Birthplace2
Image Shakespeare's Globe
Image Shakespeare's Birthplace
Image Jonson 1616 folio Workes title page
Image Ben Jonson by George Vertue
Essay Ben Jonson: Renaissance Playwright, Renaissance Man Kate O'Connor
eBook The Case is Altered
eBook The Second Part of Tamburlaine the Great Christopher Marlowe
eBook The First Part of Tamburlaine the Great Christopher Marlowe
Essay Who Killed Christopher Marlowe (and Why)? Kate O'Connor
Image Le Morte Darthur first page
Image Bedivere
Image The Swan
Image Miscellany Poems on Several Occasions Title Page
eBook Memories and portraits : memories of himself, selections from his notebook. Robert Louis Stevenson
eBook Robert Louis Stevenson : his work and his personality Sidney Colvin, Edmund Gosse, Neil Munro [and others]
eBook Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson
Audio Anthem for Doomed Youth (readings) Wilfred Owen
Audio The Lady’s Dressing Room (reading) Jonathan Swift
Essay Science and Religion Charlotte BarrettCharlotte Barrett
Essay Spiritualism, Science and Atavism Charlotte BarrettCharlotte Barrett
Essay James Joyce: Here Comes Everybody Cleo HanawayCleo Hanaway
Audio Ezra Pound Rebecca Beasley
Video Ezra Pound Rebecca Beasley
Image Dekker his dreame
Essay Thomas Dekker Kate O'Connor
Other Charles Dickens audiobooks (Librivox) Charles Dickens
eBook Introductions to Jane Austen John Bailey
Other Open Source Shakespeare William Shakespeare
eBook Miscellanies in prose and verse Jonathan Swift
Other Course: Milton (Open Yale) John Rogers
eBook Poetry in Context: The First World War Poetry Digital Archive (article) Stuart Lee, Katharine Lindsay
Other Course: John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi Open University
Other Approaching literature: Reading Great Expectations (course) Open University
Other Course: Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus
eBook The William Blake calendar, selected by T. Wright. William Blake
Essay John Webster: A Darker Playwright for Renaissance England Kate O'Connor
Essay Geoffrey Chaucer: The Father of Modern English? Colleen Curran