The Decay of Lying: a Dialogue

Text upon which this Online Edition is Based: “The Decay of
Lying: a Dialogue,” in The Nineteenth Century: A Monthly Review.
Edited by James Knowles. Vol. XXV. January-June, 1889. Pp. 35-
56. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, & Co. This is the first published
version of the essay that appeared in Wilde’s 1891 Intentions.

This ebook contains Wilde's essay 'The Decay of Lying'. The essay is written in Socratic dialogue which presents the coversation between the two characters Vivian and Cyril. Vivian tells Cyril of an article he has been writing called "The Decay Of Lying: A Protest". In the article Vivian defends Aestheticism and "Art for Art's sake"

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Oscar Wilde
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