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Old English Coursepack

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Oxford University's Old English Coursepack. This online set of hypertext editions was designed for first-year undergraduates at Oxford to assist with the Mods 3a paper. It includes editions of 'The Dream of the Rood', 'The Battle of Maldon', 'The Wanderer', 'The Wife's Lament', 'Beowulf - The Fight with Grendel, The Lament of the Last Survivor, Beowulf's Funeral', Ælfric's 'Life of St Edmund', and 'Bede's account of Cædmon'. This is a zipped file of the all the web pages. This version is as of July 2010, but the original version of 'The Dream of the Rood' was designed in the 1990s. Available online at:

This item is from Project Woruldhord, University of Oxford (; © S. Lee.

Date Published: 20 February 2012
In Collection(s): Old English Then and Now