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# Title Description Contributor
1 Who Translates and for Whom?

Fourth part of the What is Translation Podcast series. In this part, the question of who is best...

Oliver Taplin, Lorna Hardwick
2 What does Tragedy do for People?

A discussion of what the use of tragedy is, and whether the emotional experience of tragic...

Oliver Taplin, Joshua Billings
3 Richard II

Lecture eight in the Approaching Shakespeare series asks the question that structures Richard II...

Emma Smith
4 Oscar Wilde's Women

Sophie Duncan introduces Oscar Wilde by setting him in an accurate historical context.

Sophie Duncan
5 Shakespeare and the Stage

Professor Tiffany Stern gives a talk on William Shakespeare and how his plays were performed in...

Tiffany Stern
6 Shakespeare and Voice

Linda Gates, Professor of Voice at Northwestern University (USA) discusses how Shakespeare'...

Linda Gates
7 Defining Tragedy

First dialogue between Oliver Taplin and Joshua Billings on tragedy: they discuss what '...

Oliver Taplin, Joshua Billings
8 Does Tragedy Teach?

Third dialogue on the nature of tragedy where they talk about whether tragic theatre teaches...

Oliver Taplin, Joshua Billings
9 Shakespeare Lectures

Dr. Ralph W. Schlosser's lectures on the life and work of William Shakespeare. Recorded in 1965...

Dr. Ralph W. Schlosser
10 Acting Masterclass: "Lend me your ears"

A practical Masterclass with Greg Doran from the Royal Shakespeare Company on how Shakespeare...

Gregory Doran, Sam Leith
11 Acting Masterclass: 'Pyramus, you begin'

A practical Masterclass looking at what clues Shakespeare puts into the verse for the actor....

Gregory Doran
12 Coriolanus

This lecture takes up a detail from Shakespeare’s late Roman tragedy Coriolanus to ask about the...

Emma Smith
13 Romeo and Juliet

This lecture on Romeo and Juliet tackles the issue of the spoiler-chorus, in an already-too-...

Emma Smith
14 Timon of Athens

Emma Smith finishes her Approaching Shakespeare series with a lecture on the play Timon of...

Emma Smith
# Title Description Contributor
1 The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Conveying Shakespeare's meaning

The actor Dylan Townley talks about the language of Shakespeare. He describes how understanding...

Dylan Townley
2 The language of Shakespeare

Actors and the director talk about how they have approached and worked with their student...

Kate O'Connor
3 Teaching Shakespeare in Schools

A teacher talks about how she teaches Shakespeare in school, using video clips and references...

Joyti Chandegra
4 The Tempest: Prospero

Actor Dylan Townley talks with director Archie Cornish about the character Prospero. They...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
5 Shakespeare and the Stage

Professor Tiffany Stern gives a talk on William Shakespeare and how his plays were performed in...

Tiffany Stern
6 The Tempest: For you am I this patient log-man

The director and actors talk about the log-scene in The Tempest and how they interpret and...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
7 The Tempest - Our revels now are ended: Bringing a scene to Life

The director Archie Cornish, and actor Dylan Townley, introduce the Revel speech in The Tempest...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
8 The Tempest: Direction and interpretation

Director Archie Cornish and actor Dylan Townley - Prospero - talk about adapting, directing and...

Archie Cornish, Dylan Townley
9 Understanding Shakespeare

The actor Nick Lyons talks about the challenge of the language barrier and how he dealt with it...

Nick Lyons
10 Two Gentlemen of Verona: The view from the Director

The director talks about how she adapted the script and directed the student Shakespeare...

Kate O'Connor
11 The Tempest: Our revels now are ended

The famous Shakespeare scene from The Tempest, performed by actors from an Oxford student drama...

Dylan Townley
12 Acting Masterclass: "Lend me your ears"

A second Masterclass on how Shakespeare spins rhetoric for the actor, with Sam Leith, journalist...

Gregory Doran, Sam Leith
13 Acting Masterclass: 'Pyramus, you begin'

A practical Masterclass with Greg Doran from the Royal Shakespeare Company looking at what clues...

Gregory Doran
14 Shakespeare, Mind and World

Tom MacFaul discusses how Shakespeare’s age thought about thinking. In particular, he looks at...

Tom MacFaul
# Title Description Author
1 'Spenser, Jonson, and Shakespeare'

Chapter taken from Issac Disraeli's collection of essay entitled 'Curiosities of Literature',...

Issac Disraeli
2 'A Talk for Twelfth Night'

This essay on Shakespeare's play 'Twelfth Night' by Arthur Machen forms chapter fifteen of the...

Arthur Machen
3 Shakespeare and Music Christopher Wilson
4 Shakespeare and Stage Costume

Text upon which this Online Edition is Based: “Shakespeare and Stage Costume,” in The...

Oscar Wilde
# Essay Title Description Contributor
1 Renaissance Theatre

By Emma Smith

Emma Smith
2 Who Killed Christopher Marlowe (and Why)? Kate O'Connor
3 Why Shakespeare Was Shakespeare

By Kate O'Connor

Kate O'Connor
4 Aphra Behn and Poetic Culture

This essay is the last of four distilled from a lecture series on Aphra Behn given by Dr....

Abigail Williams, Kate O'Connor
5 Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was a bold, salacious, and pioneering individual. If Frances Burney made...

Kate O'Connor
6 The Importance of Being Wilde

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all" ...

Kate O'Connor