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eighteenth century

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1 What is a Literary Period?

In this introductory lecture, Clare Bucknell considers how we define a literary period and...

Clare Bucknell
# Title Description Contributor
1 The poetry of war

Explores the aesthetics and impact of war poetry in the early eighteenth century, focussing on...

Abigail Williams
2 The Ladle: a comic poem

Matthew Prior's The Ladle was one of the most popular poems of the eighteenth century. This...

Louise Curran
3 Music in miscellanies

Much popular music of the eighteenth century is found in poetic miscellanies. But how was it...

Giles Lewin
4 Pastoral Poetry

Introduces the poetry of rural life, and its debt to classical sources.

Kathleen Lawton-Trask
5 The life of epigrams

This podcasts introduces the popular eighteenth century epigram

Dianne Mitchell
6 Petticoats and fashion

An introduction to the world of fashion and the politics of the petticoat, seen through the...

Elizabeth Atkinson
7 Oriental Tales and Their Influence

Prof. Warner and Prof. Ballaster begin their conversation with Antoine Galland's...

Ros Ballaster, Marina Warner