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# Title Description Contributor
1 The Comedy of Errors

Lecture 12 in the Approaching Shakespeare series asks how seriously we can take the farcical...

Emma Smith
2 Twelfth Night

The seventh Approaching Shakespeare lecture takes a minor character in Twelfth Night - Antonio...

Emma Smith
3 Henry IV part 1

Like generations of theatre-goers, this lecture concentrates on the (large) figure of Sir John...

Emma Smith
4 Antony and Cleopatra

What kind of tragedy is this play, with its two central figures rather than a singular hero? The...

Emma Smith
5 Measure for Measure

The third Approaching Shakespeare lecture, on Measure for Measure, focuses on the vexed question...

Emma Smith
6 King John

At the heart of King John is the death of his rival Arthur: this fifteenth lecture in the...

Emma Smith
7 Richard III

In this thirteenth lecture in the Approaching Shakespeare series the focus is on the...

Emma Smith
8 A Midsummer Night's Dream

This lecture on A Midsummer Night's Dream uses modern and early modern understandings of...

Emma Smith
9 King Lear

Showing how generations of critics - and Shakespeare himself - have rewritten the ending of King...

Emma Smith
10 Titus Andronicus

Focusing in detail on one particular scene, and on critical responses to it, this sixth...

Emma Smith
11 Taming of the Shrew

Emma Smith uses evidence of early reception and from more recent productions to discuss the...

Emma Smith
12 The Merchant of Venice

This lecture on The Merchant of Venice discusses the ways the play's personal relationships...

Emma Smith
13 Much Ado About Nothing

Emma Smith asks why the characters are so quick to believe the self-proclaimed villain Don John...

Emma Smith
14 The Winter's Tale

How we can make sense of a play that veers from tragedy to comedy and stretches credulity in its...

Emma Smith
15 Macbeth

In this fourth Approaching Shakespeare lecture the question is one of agency: who or what makes...

Emma Smith
16 Hamlet

The fact that father and son share the same name in Hamlet is used to investigate the play'...

Emma Smith
17 The Tempest

That the character of Prospero is a Shakespearean self-portrait is a common reading of The...

Emma Smith
18 As You Like It

Asking 'what happens in As You Like It', this lecture considers the play's...

Emma Smith
19 Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Pericles has been on the margins of the Shakespearean canon: this fourteenth lecture in the...

Emma Smith
# Title Description Author
1 A Woman of No Importance

First performed 1893

Oscar Wilde
2 Salomé

Salomé: A Tragedy in One Act / translated from the French of Oscar Wilde, with illustrations by...

Oscar Wilde
# Resource Title Description Contributor
1 A Play in Fragments by Maria Edgeworth - A Surviving Manuscript

The surviving manuscript of an unpublished play by Maria Edgeworth c.1811, found in MS Eng misc...

Ellen B. Brewster, Ros Ballaster