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The works of Thomas Middleton (Vols 1-8)

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Vol I: Introduction; Blurt, master-constable; The Phœnix; Michaelmas term.
Vol II: The Mayor of Queenborough; The Old Law; A Trick to Catch the Old One.
Vol III: The Family of Love; Your Five Gallants; A Mad World, My Masters.
Vol IV: The Roaring Girl; A Fair Quarrel; No Wit, No Help Like a Woman.
Vol V: A Chaste Maide in Cheapside; The Widow; Anything for a Quiet Life; The Witch.
Vol VI: The Changeling; The Spanish Gypsy; Women Beware Women; More Dissemblers Besides Women.
Vol VII: A Game at Chess; The World Tost at Tennis; The Inner-Temple Masque; Part of the Entertainment to King James, etc.; The Triumphs of truth, and the Entertainment at the opening of the New River; Civitatis Amor, etc; The Triumphs of honour and Industry; The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity; The Sun in Aries; The Triumphs of Honour and Virtue; An Invention, etc.; The Triumphs of Integrity; The Triumphs of Health and Prosperity.
Vol VIII: The Black Book; Father Hubburd's tales; Micro-Cynicon; The Wisdom of Solomon Paraphrased; Sire R. Sherley Sent Ambassador, etc; The Peacemaker; Addenda; Index

Edited by A.H. Bullen. London : J.C. Nimmo

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Date Published: 16 April 2012
Thomas Middleton