Who's Who and Backstory in Beowulf

A series of genealogical charts of the major figures in the poem, annotated by event and line number.
Created by Bruce Gilchrist, available via Woruldhord http://poppy.nsms.ox.ac.uk/woruldhord/contributions/71

"While based on the genealogical charts usually given at the back of Beowulf editions, I attempt here to provide a complete picture of all the named figures of the poem and their major actions; by keying the figures to line numbers, a chronology of events and relationships is also constructed. The charts include all named human characters, the three main monsters, and the important artefacts mentioned in the poem." (Bruce Gilchrist )

Download: 71.15.original.pdf (191.32 KB)
Bruce Gilchrist
In Collection(s): Beowulf